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STORIES and SERVICE are our most effective tools to build bridges, to build peace and eliminate ‘Us versus Them’ thinking.  This message is not only conveyed through the sharing of Wilkens’ own experiences but also through the stories of others he met and worked with during the genocide.

Carl uses his own pictures and Google Earth to tell the story of what his family experienced during the genocide.  He doesn’t focus on the horror and loss near as much as he focuses on those who stood up against the wrong.  He also shares the amazing recovery process Rwanda has been going through for the last 20+ years, including pictures from his January 2013 trip.  Carl’s purpose is to leave tools and hope, enabling those in attendance to make a positive difference locally as well as internationally.


World Outside My Shoes is primarily funded by donations made from schools where Carl gives his presentations.  A donation is suggested, along with covering travel & accommodation costs.





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