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Jordans Trip To Sudan Part II

Here is another update on Jordan's Trip:   (click here for part I) 


JULY 7-10  UpDate

Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010, 10:57 AM

Hey Mom! you know what the drill by now lol… please forward (as well as the attachment) to everyone, thanks!!
love Jordan

Malek update: Attached is an update from 7/7  up to 7/10 there's a lot to read! 

Here is the latest:

Thanks for all the support at the Mcphees fundraiser everyone… with $220 we ( as in Templeton) are going to have a library put in for the primary 1 school in Malek! Since the little kids were not able to all get their own book, we are turning the room next to where we are staying into a library. I came to town (Bor) today and got the timbers (12 8 X 1 and 4 2 X 2 ) and the nails neccessary to put shelfs up all around the room! I am excited and I think the younger kids will be very happy. The work of the shelves will not take long, just a matter of days so it looks to be completed before I leave. 

I visited Mareu yesterday morning! He is looking a lot better. I took a picture of him hope to post on facebook after this message (if it lets me post pictures tonight). After seeing Mareu I went to Malek 2 which is the outskirts of Malek which was very muddy ( my shoes are still drying) . We walked to deliver one of the last mosquito nets to a woman named Elizabeth Ayor Bior who is 38. She gave birth the night before, I have a picture of her baby. Later last night after the long walk back I played futbol with the older kids and I gave them one of the mini fifa world cup soccer balls I brought along. They really loved taking pictures (you will see once I get the pictures up. I am typing this at night and have a bunches of little critters on my screen, with beatles buzzing around… so I think I will finish this another time!

Also since the kids do not have sandals (let alone clothes) and they are most vulnerable to snake and scorpion bites, with money  left over (app. $100) after bying mosquito nets, books, and buying the materials for library and paying for the labor of the library, I was thinking of buying 50 or so little sandals.. I know this will not provide for all the kids in Malek, but its a start. Just $2 for pair of sandals can prevent a kid like Mareu from being bitten by a scorpion. I already bought Mareu a pair, and was thinking of buying a bunch, distribution will be tough but just because we can't do everything doesn't mean we don't do something. And I really think sandals will be used year round here unlike shoes.

People laugh at me trying to jump around the layers of mud that almost completely cover the road! Let me know your input on the sandals, I want it to be something you support since its not from me, its from all of you that are reading this. If it wasn't for your support I would not be here so even if you were not at the fundraiser please let me know what you think. Or if you have an alternate idea in mind !

Love Jordan

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