Pedaling2Peace is rolling

Have you heard about Pedaling2Peace?

or should it be called "midlife crisis:)"

Teresa and I are taking off across the USA and stopping at schools along the way to share about Rwanda and people who stand up against genocide and racisim, and intolerance! click on pedaling2peace and download the brochure to learn more. (just click on brochure! I can’t believe i figured this out!)

(Video blog tomorrow after our first school. You don’t want to see my blood shot eyes right now:)

Check it out:
Only 4 days till we ride out of Spokane!
We need to do some more serious fundraising for equipment!
Got our bikes and saddlebags on credit so
WE WILL ROLL, but need to continue to fund raise for them and a list of other equipment.
Donate any amount towards specific Pedaling2Peace tour equipment
(write your piece of equipment in the “Purpose” box after you click on the DONATE button)
1 x 3-person tent      2 x sets of rain gear    
2 x camelpaks    2 x bike horns         
2 x sleeping bags         2 x headlamps   
2 x bike helmits         2 x bike gloves           
2 x sleeping pads     2 x pair bicycle gloves  
2 x bike locks     2 x recumbent bikes
2 x  pr. bike clip-in shoes    
46,000 MILES
Become a sponsor and donate all at once, or over 9 months
– a penny a mile ($46)
– a nickel a mile ($230)
– a dime a mile ($460)
– a quarter a mile ($1150)

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