Shots fired, Security Officer Down


I'm sure many of your remember this time last year -today actually- when Officer Stephen Tyrone John's was murdered while on duty at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.  Horrible news.

I want to ask you to do something for his family and for yourself, but first let me say this.

That horrible, horrible tragedy caused me to think again about my attitude towards security officers.  Not that I had a bad attitude, it's just that too often  I was impatient and critical  when going through security checkpoints  (been flying a lot lately,)…come to think of it, that was a bad attitude!

With the news of Officer John's death, I thought about so many different things including how it must have been when he left for work that morning, "Just another day at work", and then he didn't come home… (To his family and friends I again want to say I'm so very very sorry)

I gained a much deeper respect for the people who are willing to take the risk that security officers face everyday. It has changed the way I think and act towards them.  I can't tell you how many times since then I've told security officers "Thank you for what you do". And now it's our turn (if we haven't already) to take this opportunity to extend a long overdue  "Thank you"  to officer John's family for the gift officer John gave, in life service, in the greatest sacrifice anyone can make -their life for the safety of others- and finally for the gift he continues to give in the form of inspiration to respect others and show it by saying "Thank you". 

 So here is an opportunity to take a moment and click on this link:

(don't think you will be added to a US Holocaust Memorial email list but so what?)

And write something as simple in the box as "Thank You" to Officer John's family.

One last thing, would someone write and let me know of a group you work with (formally or informally) who helps support Spouses and Children of the Military Personnel we have lost?


Courage, Carl

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