Wash DC, Genocide Intervention Network, VOA, NPR

Hi All, been way way to long! And after the long gap in writing this is going to be very short. Just had to share a couple of things about the time Teresa and I are having here in DC: 1. Genocide Intervention Network has brought us back to meet with their first class of Fellows. I will let this link and other links on this page explain. I just want to say how excited I am to be meeting with these 20 incredible people! 2. Great visits yesterday with NPR (News Notes will air Tuesday Feb 17, check local NPR stations for times) and VOA. An impressive tour of the VOA facility as well as a nice visit with several Rwandans working there. A summary of the interview is available to read on: It’s called Teaching the Lessons of the Rwanda Genocide and you click in the upper right section to download the full audio interview. 4. Informative meeting at the Rwandan Embassy. more on that later. Got to run but had to get this up on the site. Thanks for your support and patience with my sluglike blogging. courage, Carl

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