We are so glad you are interested in learning more about the Hope-Based Process for Addressing Division. The stories and concepts explored in the workshop have inspired and equipped me again and again in the journey towards “informed trust.”  They’ve been essential in my efforts at re-wiring my brain’s first response away from blame toward repair and healing.  

The workshop is a story-based learning experience brimming with dynamic conversations such as the foundational value of respect, the assumption of value, and how respect sets a safe welcoming environment where we can learn each other’s stories (and then, almost without thinking, we begin connecting the dots with our own).  Connecting the dots between each other’s stories is my favorite entry point into the theme of empathy. And the more dots we connect, the more value we discover, the more we move towards inclusion, welcoming each other into our circles of life.  Respect, Empathy, and Inclusion – a powerful cycle!   

Throughout the workshop, we will be looking to you for your knowledge and experience in the areas of social and emotional intelligence, as well as a bit of neuroscience. We need to hear your experiences of rebuilding trust and what kind of “shared experiences” you have been part of that have helped you gain a broader or completely new perspective.

The “Hope-Based Process For Addressing Division” that we will be unpacking is simply a framework to guide our conversations.  It has grown out of years of struggles and delightful discoveries, both my own and those of good friends, as well as a wide spectrum of authors and practitioners.

Once again, I’m so glad you’ve come – welcome!

– Carl